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Herbal Conjure launched its official web store in August 2014 offering body butters, skin scrubs, soap bars, and body oils. Since then the brand has expanded into far much more! As of today, Herbal Conjure has fulfilled its consumers' expectations by creating custom made-to-order skincare and hair care products conjured to smell and work as customers' request. The Herbal Conjure brand has lived up to its unique name and meaning. Herbal Conjure (pronounced ur- buhl kuhn-jer) adopted its name from the repeated act of making organic aromatherapy products from combining common kitchen herbs, spices and oils then producing them to work like magic! Since Herbal Conjure is an all natural product line, most ingredients and botanicals used in HC products are edible in which the HC Tea & Tisane line was created. With the addition of creating custom scented candles and custom loose leaf tea, HC also hosts/cater tea parties, workshops, tea tastings, special events and occasions for all ages and ideas one can "conjure up." 

Herbal Conjure products are currently online only but often appear at local expos, tradeshows, special events and private parties where most items are often available for purchase or custom ordering. Herbal Conjure takes great value in face-to-face interactions with their consumers and has an extensive amount of customer service experience that pairs well with their wholesome down to earth approach with growing a loyal audience.

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